International Nighttime Design Initiative’s (NTD) vision is founded on three principles: safe use of public spaces at night, improving public health, and enhancing local economies.

The NTD innovative design approach is research-based and site specific. The high-quality audio and video links will pique your curiosity about nighttime design fundamentals — and viewed altogether — provide insights.

Principles: Interview
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Link to
: Audio (6 min)

Audio Interview; "We caught up with Leni Schwendinger, one of the world's leading voices on the impact lighting can have in our cities>"
Leni Schwendinger interview by Monocle for The Urbanist.
Here, she reviews the basics of urban lighting and nighttime design. (Audio only)

Process: Envisioning Workshop Method
Location: Sydney, Australia
Link to: Video (8 min)

The Envisioning Workshop enables stakeholders to define objectives prior to developing a lighting master plan. Here, watch the step-by-step process in Double Bay with mayors, councilors and local business owners participating in the three-hour module. (Images are video stills)

Pilot: Localization; is it possible to build better community connections with light?
Location: Cartagena, Colombia
Link to: Video (6 min)

Is it possible to build better community connections with light? Smart Everyday Nighttime Design in Cartagena, Colombia
Smart Everyday Nighttime Design encompassed social, technical, and urban research combined with community engagement. International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD) formed directly from this pilot prototype. (Video still)